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What's NEW?!?

As you all know, Backstop has relocated to a BIGGER LOCATION! The past 5 years have flown by and 1160 Bald Hill Road holds so many great memories. We started with a concept and it grew into more than we could have imagined. In 5 years we survived a global pandemic, hosted clinics with former D1 athletes, college world series champions, known sport experts, even multiple olympians. We’ve had the privilege to be a part of app launches, product promotional videos, and gained relationships with tons of softball advocates along the way. We are excited to continue to grow and evolve in our new space and hopefully bring even more opportunities to the softball community. 

This new building is BIGGER, which means we are able to do more than we could in our previous spot. Something that we have been excited to be able to do in this new building that we were unable to do in our previous, is host Live Pitch and Hit Nights! 

Live Pitch and Hit Nights are great opportunities for all players!

HITTING: Being a hitter at a live Pitch and Hit Night means you get to face actual pitchers throwing from regulation distance! Being we live in New England and we are unable to be outside year round, we lack live reps in the winter months. Live Pitch and HIt Nights help with this. They allow you to get those game-like reps when youre not able to actually play games. You also get the chance to hit off of different pitchers that you may not otherwise get to. Seeing multiple pitchers and being exposed to different speeds, spins, and deliveries sets you up for success come actual game time!

CATCHING: Being a catcher at a live Pitch and Hit Night means you get to work on your catching skills with actual batters. You also get the opportunity to catch pitchers that may have different spins, speeds, or pitches than pitchers on your team may have. The more game-like reps you're able to do the better your skills will become. Whether you want to work on your blocking, framing, pitch calling, you name it…. Live Pitch and Hit Nights allow you to do it all!

PITCHING: Being a pitcher at a live Pitch and Hit Night means you get to throw full to LIVE HITTERS. Winter months mean lots of bullpens and work on pitching but not much work against actual hitters. Live Pitch and Hit Nights allow you to work on your spins in game-like situations against tons of different hitters. A lot of times pitchers get lie reps but they are throwing to their teammates. There is just something different about throwing to “strangers” rather than your teammates and friends. 

We feel like Live Pitch and Hit nights are seriously going to help so many of you elevate your game to the next level. At the low price of $20-25 this is a NO BRAINER. In the coming weeks we are going to be elevating the experience even more with the addition of hittrax technology. This will provide even more data such as pitch speed, hitters exit velo, result of hit, pitch location for strike zone awareness and SO MUCH MORE. Make sure you sign up for these as we will be hosting them almost weekly for the winter months. SPOTS ARE LIMITED, as we intend to keep them as optimal and beneficial for all participants. 

Live Pitch and Hit Nights are just one of the new things we are excited about offering in the new building. Let us know what else you would like to see offered at Backstop!


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