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6 week commitment, 10 athlete max

Group catching classes are six-week programs that cover framing, blocking, throw downs, throws from knees, and so much more. Catchers’ skills are often neglected, this is a class JUST FOR CATCHERS! The one-time cost covers 6 hour-long weekly hitting session for a six consecutive week program. Because there is a 10 player max per six-week program, classes fill up fast. Book today to reserve your seat, or give us a call if you have any questions. After each six-week program is over, we begin to schedule the next.  These classes are an affordable way for catchers to really work on their craft and get that extra skill work that is not often available. This class is exactly what every softball catcher has been waiting for.


Group catching classes include:
  • One-on-one instruction in a group environment

  • Drills and conditioning

  • Practice of game-time fundamentals like framing, blocking and throw downs


Remember, members of The Backstop get a chance to register before anyone else, so reach out to us about available membership options!

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