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6 week commitment, 10 athlete max

Group fielding classes are six-week programs that covers proper glove and footwork for fielding. Fielding skills are not often taught, and can greatly decrease the number of errors in a game. From basic grounders to short hops and backhands, the Backstops staff teaches sound fundamentals for all. The one-time cost covers 6 hour-long weekly hitting sessions for a six consecutive week program. Because there is a 10 player max per six-week program, classes fill up fast. Book today to reserve your seat, or give us a call if you have any questions. After each six-week program is over, we begin to schedule the next. These classes are an affordable way for a player to get extra reps a week and continue to fine-tune and build their hitting. This class is exactly what players need to build their confidence and ability at the plate.


Group fielding classes include:

  • One-on-one instruction in a group environment

  • Fielding progressions

  • Drills and conditioning

  • Team exercises that put the “fun” in fundamentals!


Remember, members of The Backstop get a chance to register before anyone else, so reach out to us about available membership options!

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