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The Backstop Softball Training Facility

Mission: train the “whole athlete”

It's our mission to motivate, influence, and challenge softball players to become the best athlete they can be—mentally and physically. It is our goal to create a culture in which softball players can not only grow, but thrive.  We aim to teach positivity and sportsmanship, and create an environment where girls from different softball teams and different levels can come together, challenge their weaknesses and learn from each other's strengths. We aim to teach young athletes a sound lesson in both sports and life: others’ failures are not your successes, you control your own outcomes.

Softball training in Rhode Island

The Backstop is an indoor softball training facility where women of all ages come to learn and enhance their skills in softball. We help coach and train physical softball skills, and more importantly, we support mental fitness by fostering a culture that encourages mental toughness, genuine sportsmanship and competitiveness.

We specialize in fastpitch softball training, including softball hitting lessons and softball pitching lessons. We also use our space as a multi-use facility that offers top of the line softball training equipment, machines, technology and coaching staff to enhance the skill set of any softball player that walks through the door. The Backstop provides space for individual self training or one-on-one pupil-teacher training. Our space is also available to host small, medium and large class settings for players, coaches, softball teams and softball leagues to train. We host softball clinics year round both indoors and outdoors. We also rent cages for softball hitting practice and fastpitch pitching practice. Additionally, we designate space for various forms of strength and conditioning training.

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