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FASTPITCH SOFTBALL catching lessons


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Catching is probably one of the most underrated positions in softball. Catchers are the eyes of the field and are involved in every pitch of the game, they make pitchers look good. The Backstop offers one-on-one softball catching lessons where our instructors focus on everything that is catching. Blocking, framing, throws to bases (both standing and throwing from your knees), pitch calling, and more. We make sure our catchers are getting the works. We break all the different parts of catching down to mechanics and building progressions. Our staff at The Backstop Softball Training Facility is loaded with training drills and in-depth knowledge of the position that aim to bring softball catchers to the next level. 

In addition to mechanics, our instructors will also tap into the mental side of the game. Catchers have to be confident and assertive so confidence is key. In addition to confidence, we cover mental strategy in games. We instruct on situational pitch calling as well as, overall game situation strategies.

We see the greatest individual improvements with continuous one-on-one training. 

Each one-hour softball catching lesson includes:

  • Fundamentals + mechanics

  • Situational pitch calling

  • Confidence + mental strategy

Members receive discounts on lessons, clinics, merch, and more! Contact us to set up one-on-one lessons with one of our amazing highly qualified staff members!

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