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Fastpitch Softball Hitting Lessons


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Hitting a round object with another round object ISN'T EASY. Because of this, The Backstop Softball Training Facility offers one-on-one softball hitting lessons where our instructors really break down the whole swing. From legs, to arms, and everything in-between, we will work on proper softball mechanics and the rationale behind the movements we are looking for. Our goal is to have the player not only challenge themselves, but truly understand the "why" of the results of their swings both good and bad. If they can feel and understand their body movements, then they can self correct at-bat to at-bat, or even better, pitch to pitch. This game is all about making adjustments and whichever team or players can adapt and adjust the quickest will win the ball game. It is critical for players to understand the mechanics and not "just swing."

In addition to mechanics, our instructors tap into the mental side of the game as well. Confident batters have better at-bats and better results than non-confident batters, its as simple as that. Gaining that confidence is the hard part. We work on confidence as well as mental strategy in games. We instruct on situational hitting and how to produce runs. At the end of the day you can't win a game without scoring. 

We see the greatest individual improvements with continuous one-on-one softball hitting training. 

Each one-hour softball hitting lesson covers:

  • Softball hitting mechanics

  • Tee work

  • Live pitches

  • Softball hitting strategy + mindset

Members receive discounts on lessons, clinics, merch, and more! Contact us to set up one-on-one lessons with one of our amazing highly qualified staff members!

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