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Building The Backstop: The Team of my Dreams

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

The story of how The Backstop Softball Training Facility got its start in Rhode Island.

The Backstop Softball Training Before Photo
From humble beginings, "before" shots of our new home!

Before The Backstop

My entire life I’ve loved the game of Softball. Like most of us, it started as a kid. From the tee-ball field to watching the Red Sox and Team USA, this sport was a part of me from the beginning. I played little league as soon as I could. Practiced in the backyard nearly every day and eventually had the opportunity to join my first travel team. High School meant representing South Kingstown for all four years, and graduation meant picking where I would have the opportunity to play in college. An Anchorman I became as I joined the amazing team and coaching staff at Rhode Island College. It was here that I learned just how much this sport meant to me, and why I needed to keep it a part of my life forever.

From softball player to softball coach

A few years past graduation, after coaching a handful of teams and dozens of incredible young athletes, I’m excited to launch a facility long overdue to the softball athletes in Rhode Island. Built from the ground up and filled with state-of-the-art equipment, we will help train the next generation of great athletes. We’re building a team where we work together, and push ourselves to be our strongest—mentally and physically. Here, at The Backstop we focus on Softball first and last. We live and breathe this sport, and we love and support the teammates that help us succeed.

I’d like to officially welcome you to join our team, and train with us as we continue to push the sport of softball and all our athletes forward.

- Coach Emily


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