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5 Tips to Improve Your Hitting

Hey Backstop softball players, if you're looking to take your hitting game to the next level, you're in the right place! Hitting in fastpitch softball is an art, and mastering it can make all the difference when you step up to the plate at The Backstop.

The Perfect Setup: Mastering Your Stance, having a solid stance is your foundation for success. Set your feet shoulder-width apart, ensuring you're ready for those lightning-fast pitches. Experiment with your stance to find the perfect balance that works for you and keeps you agile, ready to take on any challenge our top-notch pitchers throw your way. Figure out if it's an open stance, closed stance, wide stance, or narrow stance that allows you to get on time and have the most success.

Eyes on the Game: Focus and Visualization At The Backstop, maintaining laser-sharp focus is non-negotiable. Keep your eyes on the pitcher's hand as the ball is released, and visualize the perfect hit that sends the ball sailing through our facility or on the field. Mental preparation is key here – envision success at The Backstop, and your body will follow suit.

Timing is Your Superpower: Syncing your stride with the pitcher's plant foot is crucial for you to be on-time. This synchronization optimizes the power from your lower body, ensuring you're ready to crush those pitches and send them soaring whether you're in cages at The Backstop or on the field.

Quick Hands, Big Wins: Hand-Eye Coordination and quick reflexes allow you to adjust in your at bats and result in more balls put in play. Engage in drills that simulate game-like challenges – from inside pitches to curveballs. Develop a short, compact swing that adapts to the fast-paced action you'll find when facing elite pitchers. The quicker your hands react, the better your chances of crushing the ball.

Practice Like You Play: Batting Drills Tailored for game like situations is what we aim to do at The Backstop. The more you're able to simulate a game like experience and pressure, the more likely you're going to see noticeable improvements. Utilize our facility to its fullest by renting a hittrax cage, incorporating drills from lessons, as well as using all our top of the line tools that will help mirror the challenges you face in live games. Consistent and varied practice will give you the confidence to step up to the plate!

Its our hope that Backstop players gear up for success at the plate by mastering your stance, visualizing victories, syncing your stride, perfecting hand-eye coordination, and embracing diverse batting drills. The Backstop awaits to celebrate your powerful hits, so step up to the plate with confidence, and let's make every swing a “home run”. Your success at The Backstop starts with your commitment to being the best hitter you can be!


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