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The Backstop Hosts Morgan Stuart of “Defense Club” and “The Packaged Deal”

The Backstop Softball Training Facility welcomed all-American, national champion softball player and coach, Morgan Stuart, to their facility to train softball players on the mental and physical components of great defense.

This December The Backstop was pleased to welcome their first Softball “Celebrity Trainer” to the facility. An inspiration to their leadership team, Morgan Stuart was asked to host a clinic at The Backstop Softball Training Facility, focusing on an often overlooked component of the game —mental mindset and dealing with failure.

Morgan Stuart is a professional softball coach, co-founder of The Packaged Deal, and owner of Morgan Stuart Defense Lessons. Her softball accolades include national championships, world-series teams, Pac-10 Championships, Hall of Fame induction, and collegiate coaching. Her priority is to “provide the best defensive instruction and resources for softball players in-person and online. For [her], it's not only about mechanics, but also about producing valuable teammates & self-reliant athletes that know how to make adjustments and how to be their best competitive selves.” She is one of the most accomplished women in the sport, and someone The Backstop coaching staff hoped to introduce their players to her as a role model.

Because of her incredible experience and shared values for coaching both the mental and physical aspects of softball, The Backstop couldn't imagine a better fit for their first guest coach. During a half-day session, softball players age 13-18 participated in drills, training, and educational sessions focused on improving their defensive skills. They had opportunities for Q&A, and gaining tips on how to make the most out of their softball careers.

Says Backstop Operations Coordinator, Zeena Barbarita, “partnering with thought leaders and coaches who’ve reached the highest levels of the sport allows us to provide young women who train here access to the best possible coaching.” Owner Emily Johnson continues, “we hope providing access to talent like this helps give our athletes an edge, and provide opportunities to softball players in Rhode Island that haven't been there in the past.”

The Backstop is grateful to have Stuart’s support. Traditionally, her organizations work in larger facilities and with larger groups. However, recognizing a spark in The Backstop and their shared passion for the sport, she knew she wanted to work with their team. In the future, The Backstop hopes to host more events with Morgan Stuart Defense Club and other leaders in the sport. Working with these two great organizations, in addition to others across the country, they can create pathways for athletes to access role models, leadership and knowledge to pave their own success in the sport of softball.



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