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Why We're Excited to Host a Wasserman High Level Throwing® Clinic

Bringing experts to The Backstop to help add value to our players is a key component of our mission. We’re thrilled to be able to host Austin Wasserman and the Wasserman Strength team for a High Level Throwing Clinic right at The Backstop! We wanted to share a few of the reasons we’re so excited to host him and his team at our softball facility.

  1. He brings years of experience and a different perspective Austin Wasserman is the owner and founder of Wasserman Strength, LLC and He’s a Performance and Strength Coach, in addition to being the author of the High Level Throwing® Series E-Books and The Strength and Base Stealing Manuals. Austin was the Gatorade Player of the year in New Hampshire in 2002 and went on to play Division 1 Baseball at the University of New Orleans before transferring to the University of Connecticut. After college, he played two years of professional baseball. Austin is very well respected by coaches, parents and players for his approach and knowledge of the human body. He has worked in New York City alongside some of the top Physical Therapists and Motor Learning Specialists in the country! This gives him a unique perspective about how to train and approach the game.

  2. You’ll learn how to avoid injury Nothing disrupts your progress and training like an unexpected injury. Not all injuries can be avoided, but there are approaches you can take to limit your risks. During the clinic, Austin will outline throwing patterns by position, review some of the common injury mechanisms, and teach you how to effectively warm-up. Each of these things are helpful as you learn how to avoid injury and stay healthy.

  3. You’ll train like the best college programs in the country Austin has worked with many of the top collegiate softball programs across the country. From University of Washington to working with Flo Softball Wasserman Strength has worked its way from East to West Coast and many places between.

We hope you’re able to sign up for the upcoming clinics. Each session will be limited to 16 players so you’ll be able to get the most out of your time.

  • Session 1: Tuesday, June 23th @ 10AM-2PM (Ages 10u/12u)

  • Session 2: Tuesday, June 23th @ 3PM-7PM (Ages 14u-18u)

  • Session 3: Wednesday, June 24th @ 10AM-2PM (College)

Get the full event information and register on the Wasserman Strength website here! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask.



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