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The Backstop Softball Training Facility adds PowerNet to its Equipment Shop

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: The Backstop Softball Training Facility has partnered with PowerNet to be a local distributor of their sports training equipment.

The latest in a line of quality equipment available at The Backstop Softball Training Facility, we’re excited to announce a partnership with PowerNet. The Backstop is officially a local distributor for PowerNet sports training equipment, with a focus on softball training equipment.

PowerNet is able to develop superior equipment through their partnership with MLB professionals. This partnership has led research in developing pro-grade gear. They take great pride in offering the highest quality products at 35-50% less than competitors.

At The Backstop, it’s our mission to provide our players access to top-of-the-line training and equipment at competitive prices. One of the key pieces of equipment we’re excited to make available is PowerNet 7x7 nets, which are their most popular product. PowerNet 7x7 nets are easily erected and taken down in minutes so you can work in the backyard, on the field, and virtually everywhere else. This sole piece of equipment can help bring players to the next level by letting them get those extra reps outside of practice, games, or lessons. Combine this with their crusher wiffle balls or heavy balls and your player is ready to take on the season!

In addition to softball and baseball products The Backstop will also have access to Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Golf, and Lacrosse nets and practice equipment. Backstop owner Emily Johnson says, “we are always motivated to partner with great companies who create things that take our players’ game to the next level. Becoming a distributor helps make it that much easier for players to get what they need all in one place!”

As one of the only softball-first organizations in the region, The Backstop intends to continue to partner with organizations like these to help make the sport of softball more accessible to women across the states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

About The Backstop: The Backstop is an indoor training facility where women of all ages come to learn and enhance their skills in softball. We help coach and train physical softball skills, and more importantly, we support mental fitness by fostering a culture that encourages mental toughness, genuine sportsmanship and competitiveness. We specialize in hitting and pitching training from collegiate-level softball players. We also use our space as a multi-use facility that offers top of the line training equipment, machines, technology and coaching staff to enhance the skill set of any softball player that walks through the door.

Please contact Emily Johnson at with any media inquiries.


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