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Emily Johnson: Pitching Instructor and Owner of The Backstop

We’re proud of the team of athletes we’ve brought together to train the next generation at The Backstop. To help you learn a bit more about them, we’ve asked them to tell us a couple things about their background and experience with softball as players, and professionals. Here’s what bosslady Emily had to say about herself.

emily johnson owner backstop
Our commander in chief

Where did you go to college?

I graduated from Rhode Island College with a degree in Elementary Education.

Any notable experience?

Over the years I’ve coached for high school teams like Bay View and LaSalle as an assistant coach, and pitching coach. I’ve also been a head coach for the Waves Softball organization for about 6 seasons and going strong! In addition to this, I’ve been providing one-on-one and team training and lessons for pitching, hitting and more for just under a decade.

Where did you play growing up?

I grew up in South Kingstown and played in town leagues and for the varsity team when I got to high school. When I was growing up slow pitch softball was bigger in my town then fast pitch. I didn’t even hear of travel softball until I was 15 almost 16 years old. When I discovered it, I tried out for and joined Rhode Island Lightnings 16u travel team. Travel softball has evolved so much from when I played to where it is now. It’s been fun watching the sport grow over the years and really just evolving with it as both a player and a coach.

What is something you’re hoping to bring to the team here?

My passion for the sport and educating others. What started as a part time gig has evolved into a full-fledged career. I’m thrilled to be taking this step to launch my own facility, its been a dream of mine long in the making. I couldn’t be more thrilled in my team, I take a lot of pride into the people I’ve chosen to include on this journey. Coaches, players and parents. All of them have had an important impact on what we will continue to build at The Backstop.

What else do you do for fun?

For fun I’d have to say anything outside. I’m loving tennis and hiking right now. I also love making things and crafting. I love challenging myself, so picking a project to do and then bringing it to fruition, there’s nothing better. The Backstop was a bit of a larger scale of that. Getting the building in the messy state we did, and then renovating it and making my vision come to light was an extremely enjoyable experience for me. I got to learn a lot! I was also able to build things that I would have never thought I would be able to build. And, I only broke one toilet in the process...not bad!

We hear you take a particular beverage pretty seriously, can you elaborate on that?

Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE my cold brew iced coffees! I have a running joke with my lessons that if they knock my coffee over they have to drink it off the turf. Can’t be wasting delicious coffee!

What’s your favorite food?

Favorite food is a tough one but I’d have to go with seafood. Any and all of it!



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