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The Backstop adds HitTrax Technology to Softball Facility

PRESS RELEASE: The Backstop Softball Training Facility has invested in a leading technology called HitTrax to improve quality of training and offer dynamic virtual tournaments and gameplay to engage players nationally.

The Backstop is excited to announce the addition of HitTrax technology to our softball training facility. HitTrax provides real-time stats and key performance metrics, along with powerful video analysis, trend reports and more. Their technology provides a one-of-a-kind experience that fosters player engagement and a meaningful connection with our one-on-one instruction at The Backstop. HitTrax helps us track things like exit velocity, launch angle, and provides video to review with players. This provides those who train with us the opportunity to track progress over time to monitor improvements and quantify change.

For players, HitTrax can help:

  • Maximize performance through competition

  • Provide quantitative and visual feedback

  • Gain visibility to college programs

  • Have access to immediate assessments & trending reports

  • As coaches, we’re excited about the ways it will:

  • Deliver in-depth session analysis, trending reports, video analysis, and more

  • Validate instruction with quantitative data

  • Provide added value to our talented players

Even more than its benefits as a training aid, HitTrax gives us the opportunity to have even more fun at The Backstop. From hosting virtual home run derbies to full 7-inning games, HitTrax provides a new level of competition in our batting cages. Their technology can connect with others nationwide to compare stats, and allow us to participate in events and competitions.

Backstop owner Emily Johnson says, “This technology is going to be a gamechanger for our players. We’ve always used videos to help coach, but the digital analysis HitTrax offers takes it to the next level. We can now better understand your point of contact in reference to the plate, the direction of the pitch vs. the direction it comes off the bat, in addition to where in the strike zone the pitches were, and your success in each zone. It is going to make a big difference in how we can measure growth and understand distinct strengths and areas for improvement.”

To celebrate our investment in this new technology, we will be hosting our first HitTrax National Tournament in the month of June. We’re inviting small teams of 3-4 softball players to go head to head with players all over the country. To participate in the tournament, teams must play 8 HitTrax games a week at The Backstop. Each game lasts about 15 minutes, and you can sign up to play with us here.

There is a cost associated with participating in the tournament, including savings for Backstop Members. Once you’ve booked, give us a call to schedule your cage rentals. We look forward to hosting you (and representing softball in RI on the national stage)!

About The Backstop: The Backstop is an indoor training facility where women of all ages come to learn and enhance their skills in softball. We help coach and train physical softball skills, and more importantly, we support mental fitness by fostering a culture that encourages mental toughness, genuine sportsmanship and competitiveness. We specialize in hitting and pitching training from collegiate-level softball players. We also use our space as a multi-use facility that offers top of the line training equipment, machines, technology and coaching staff to enhance the skill set of any softball player that walks through the door.

Please contact Emily Johnson at with any media inquiries.



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